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    Panoramic Video Recording

DIVER is exploring panoramic video capture using a camera made by Fullview.

Each of 5 hi-resolution cameras views five overlapping scene regions reflected off planar mirrors.

Outputs 5 s-video signals to Camera Control Unit.

Distribution amps split each video signal to:

1. Computing engine (on board frame grabbers) takes in analog s-video in to create real-time "stitched" digital panoramic preview image.

2. The VTRs record the S-video to digital videotape (A/D converstion, S-video to DV).

Why record 5 video streams on tape?

Real-time preview display is already a producing a stitched together panorama. Why not use it?

Live panoramic preview is greatly reduced resolution image Poor frame rate; not optimized for high resolution recording Hence, record 5 streams to separate VTRs.